Raja Chaudhary Breaks Down: Divorce battles with Shweta Tiwari and Shveta Sood, Deserted By parents, Missing daughter Palak – Exclusive Interview

Raja Chaudhary breaks down to tell us a tearful story about his personal life – Shweta Tiwari is divorced from him and his second wife Shveta Sood is asking for alimony.

Raja doesn’t mind confessions. He doesn’t mind corrections. He takes every question on his chin and answers with great emotion. Watch this heartbreaking interview on video!

Shweta Tiwari's ex-husband Raja Chaudhary breaks up: alcohol, 2 divorces, daughter Palak

You’ve been trending since Saturday night – and how!

Tell me how!

Well, it all started thanks to our interview with Shradha Sharma where she talked about the problems she had with you in her relationship with you…

I read that interview. Yes, I have a drinking problem. That’s my only problem. I have seen several doctors, including psychiatrists.

Why do you think you haven’t been able to quit alcohol for so long?

I’m in a loop, they say. I am a broken hearted person. I’m fighting my drinking problem.

Are you still in touch with your set of doctors?

Yes, constantly. I take care. I am good for the world.

Do your parents stay with you?

I stayed with them in UP during the lockdown. But the hard truth is that if you do nothing, you will not be respected. I devoted myself to them, but they felt they didn’t need me. They told me to go back to Mumbai because I don’t belong where they are staying. I left. They don’t trust me.

Get on…

It all started (life changed) in 2007 when Shweta Tiwari divorced me. Then I got into ‘Bigg Boss’ and different things started happening. Something turned. I’m portrayed badly, but I’m not.

Do you have contact with Shweta?

Are you talking about Tiwari?


No, she blocked my number. My problem with her is, why don’t we talk about it? If a copilot and pilot jump, why would only one get the parachute? I didn’t get the parachute.

Are you in touch with your daughter, Palak?

Yes, but by God’s grace she is very busy. Even I didn’t have time for parents; it’s okay.

Has it happened that you called her and she didn’t take your call and didn’t come back?

I’m not calling her. I just text or email her and wait for her response.

Do you meet Palak?

No, not me. I don’t get a chance. Either she’s too busy or she’s ignoring me.

How is your wife, Shveta Sood?

She expects alimony from me.

Are you and Shveta Sood broken up?

Yes, and she asks me for alimony.

So another divorce battle in court?

Yes, back in court! Let’s hope it settles down.

You are separated from your parents. How are you?

I am in the hospitality industry. I am not alive; I am surviving. But as far as finances go, my family takes care of everything. I come from a damn rich family: I’m a burden to my family.


I remember being out of ‘Bigg Boss’. The police were after me. Shweta Tiwari was after me. Every day I was at a police station. I was even cleared of the city. Around that time I met Shradha Sharma. She asked me to stay with her. She gave me a room. She gave me the confidence to fight the allegations leveled against me. Shradha is a great girl. I will meet her very soon.

Shradha claimed in her interview with us that you cheated on her…

Everyone cheats. Even I did it. It was an ‘Emotional Atyachaar’ show, I remember. I didn’t know they were recording this shit.

If you missed our interview with Shradha Sharma, click on the video below:

Shradha Sharma: I couldn't take Raja Chaudhary's drinks, violence and affair

In 2015 you would marry a girl named Shilpi…

I was with Shilpi for a while. I went out with her. She suddenly turned around and started to feel that we had an age difference. She told me my daughter was older than her.

And then?

So I said to Shilpi, ‘Okay, then let’s break up’.

Are you currently dating someone?

I want to date someone, but I don’t think anyone wants to date me. Maybe, because my credit civil score is very low.

Speaking more of how to live your life alone…

I was in ‘Bigg Boss’ for 98 days. It taught me to become independent. I do every job alone. And then there’s Instagram! Who has time?

Why not take your photos to casting directors and TV-n-movie producers?

I’m done acting. I am no longer interested in acting. I want to make money now. I also got into real estate. I live alone, but otherwise I’m happy. Didn’t Priyanka Chopra even say that ‘agar watcher bhi banugi, toh sabse behtar gate kholenge’. Here also. Deewar bhi paint karunga to sabse behtareen karunga. I was just emotionally hurt by every person I knew.

Don’t be discouraged. I’m sure you’ll overcome your drinking problem…

I will. And I believe that one day my daughter will say, “Come and live with me.”

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