Rapper Drake pays tribute to Sidhu Moosewala on his radio show – Celebrity

Canadian rapper Drake paid tribute to Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala⁠—who was murdered last month in the village of Jawaharke in India’s Mansa district, Punjab—on the first episode of his radio show. table for one

On Saturday’s radio show, the ‘Hotline Bling’ singer promoted his new album Honestly, never mind and also paid tribute to Moosewala, who was shot a month ago.

On the radio show, Drake started his album and said it was his first show on the radio. He also said that the reason behind the name of the show is that he often goes out and gets a table to himself and likes to go out.

The Indian Express quoted Instagram account Hip Hop N More, saying that the 35-year-old rapper played Moosewala’s hit singles “295” and “G-Sh*t.” The first track, according to the post, reached the Billboard Global 200 chart and claimed the number three spot on YouTube’s Global Music Video chart.

On May 29, the ‘Scapegoat’ singer was shot dead. Many musicians expressed their condolences, including Drake who took it to his Instagram stories and wrote “RIP Moose” with a photo of Moosewala and his mother.

The singer of ‘Calaboose’ has had musical collaborations with a number of artists in the past, including British rappers Stefflon Don and MIST, Indian-American rapper Raja Kumari and Pakistani-American rapper Bohemia.

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