Real Madrid can’t sign non-European players due to a passport situation

Real Madrid encountered a problem for which there is no immediate solution.

According to La Liga Rules, the spanish league allows three non-EU players on the pitch.

Those places are and will remain for Militao, Vinicius and Rodrygo.

The problem arises because none of the three will receive dual nationality until January.

The problem also affects Kubo and cleaner. Two young players who also non-EU nationals.

The situation described complicates the arrival of a guaranteed player to be an occasional substitute for Karim Benzema next season.

The search is currently limited to players with a community passport.

Why does Real Madrid need a player with a Community Passport?

Real Madrid needs a player who does not take the place of a foreigner for next season.

The Merengues had Gabriel Jesus as an option. However, the Brazilian player does not meet the passport requirements.

Real Madrid has offers from other players. Yet they do not fit into the philosophy of the club.

The Merengues want to find a player to help Benzemabut that can take on the role of the French starter.

because of the pandemicthe brazilian attacking player Vinicius did not receive his passport.

The striker arrived in Spain in July 2018and four years later, if the above parameters were met, the Spanish government would already granted the passport to the Brazilian.

After two years stay in SpainCitizens of certain countries could apply for dual citizenship and get approval months later.

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