Recent report shows a number of exciting canceled video games including Halo, BloodRayne 3, Batman, and more

A Spanish website recently revealed a number of canceled video games. The list includes the names of several major projects that would no doubt have excited players had they appeared.

Not all video games that come out of the storyboard make it to the players. A number of notable games, still conceptualized in an early stage of development, were left out or incorporated into another project. There can be several reasons that push developers to cancel projects.

It could be technical issues or financial constraints that force these titles into mere speculation of what they could have been. Such cancellations are also a source of deep disappointment to players and fans who had hoped and expected, à la Silent Hill and Konami in 2015.

List reveals illustrations of canceled video game projects, including some major titles

Vandal, a well-known Spanish website, shared in an article that they have found illustrations and concept art from multiple video game projects over the past decade. The video games mentioned are spread across multiple genres and not all of them have been identified yet.

There are a few big ones on the list that some players have probably heard of through speculation before, including a Batman game, BloodRayne 3, an Age of Empires reboot, a Ubisoft game set in Asia, a Halo title and more . The article states that the Ubisoft game could be an earlier version of Skull & Bones.

It was rumored among fans that there was a Batman project in the works that would take place after Arkham Knight and would have had Damian Wayne as the titular Caped Crusader. He would have taken the mantle from an aging Bruce Wayne.

The concept art of Batman (Image via Jerad S. Marantz/ArtStation)
The concept art of Batman (Image via Jerad S. Marantz/ArtStation)

The images in the article are by the artist Jerad S. Marantz. He called the collection “BATMAN DESIGN for a Canceled GAME” and showed designs for a futuristic batsuit with a Batman Beyond vibe. It’s anyone’s guess whether this project was related to the aforementioned rumours, but every Batman game missed is a cause for disappointment among Bat fans.

It was also revealed that the popular Age of Empires franchise would be rebooted before Microsoft decided to go ahead with the fourth sequel, which was released in 2021. The image, shared by Sasha Beliaev on ArtStation, is a pre-production image of what the artist has described as a reboot of the franchise.

Restarting Age of Empires (Image via Sasha Beliaev/ArtStation)
Restarting Age of Empires (Image via Sasha Beliaev/ArtStation)

Sasha reportedly worked at Microsoft between 2010 and 2014. The same artist also revealed artwork from a canceled Halo project.

BloodRayne 3 is another interesting name on the list and one that is sure to bring back some nostalgic memories for many players. The franchise never really achieved critical commercial success, but had its own devoted fans. The hack-and-slash video game even gave rise to movies and comic books based on it.

The rights to the franchise were bought a few years ago by Ziggurat Interactive, who wanted “to develop plans to further explore and expand BloodRayne’s already rich universe.” An official BloodRayne 3 could finally see the light of day, for better or for worse.

From time to time, players come across projects like this that started in earnest but were shelved for multiple reasons. Calls for a Silent Hill video game are going strong even now, and players are hoping to see an announcement at the upcoming Summer Game Fest.

THQ’s The Avengers was another highly anticipated fighting game based on the characters of the Marvel Universe. It was supposed to come out in 2012, but was canceled due to financial reasons.

Getting canceled is an essential part of developing such a cultural product, especially video games. One can only hope that the ideas were not just wasted, but brought to fruition through another project.

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