Rishi Sunak On Why He’s The “Best Person” For UK PM Post

Rishi Sunak on why he's the 'best person' for UK prime minister post

Sunak said he is the “best person” to come to grips with all the problems facing his country.

New Delhi:

Rishi Sunak, prime minister and Conservative Party leader, has claimed polls indicate he is in the “best place” to win the UK in the upcoming election.

Speaking to the BBC, Sunak said people have responded well to his message during campaigns.

“Everywhere I go, there are many people who have not yet made a decision. People are very open to the message I have been given about how to restore confidence, rebuild the economy and reunite our country,” he said.

Sunak said he is the “best person” to come to grips with all the problems facing his country.

“I know our members are ultimately focused on who is best placed to defeat Keir Starmer and the Labor Party in the next general election and I am the best person to do that, as well as take the job as Prime Minister, to get to grips with all the problems we face,” he said.

“As people saw me act during the pandemic, I will bring the same sense of urgency and grip to the government, restore confidence and I am confident that I can make good progress in this race,” he added.

Sunak will run against Secretary of State Liz Truss in the election. Mrs Truss is widely regarded as the favorite to become the next Conservative Party leader, and as a result, the next British Prime Minister.

When asked if he would concede, as polls suggest Ms Truss is leading the race, Mr Sunak said: “We must remember that at each round I led the parliamentary phase of this process, at the top of the vote at each round , the wider support of my parliamentary colleagues and the polls show that I am best placed to win the general election.”

“So I keep going out and fighting hard for every vote,” he added.

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