Rishi Sunak: UK PM candidate Rishi Sunak jumps to Kate McCann’s rescue after TV host collapses during live debate

Rishi Sunak is making headlines for a friendly gesture the politician showed during an on-air debate when the show’s host passed out.

According to a report, Sunak, along with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, was in the middle of a debate over the UK’s prime ministerial election when presenter Kate McCann collapsed while the show was being broadcast live. The show was then canceled midway through.

In a small video clip that has been making the rounds on social media, Truss was making a point about her economic plans if she was elected leader of the Conservative Party when a look of horror and concern took over her face and a sound of a crash off screen was heard.

‘The sun’ newspaper, which co-hosted the debate with “TalkTV,” reported on what happened behind the scenes when the TV show had to switch studios after host McCann collapsed and fell ill

“Kate McCann passed out during the broadcast last night and although she is fine the medical advice was that we should not continue the debate. We apologize to our viewers and listeners,” said a spokesperson for News UK, the company behind ‘TalkTV’. . .

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When the debate was interrupted for about 30 minutes, a message appeared on TalkTV and
‘The sun’ online stream read: “We are sorry for the interruption of this program.”

According to the report citing eyewitnesses, former Chancellor Sunak said “rushed” to McCann’s side after she collapsed. Truss also joined Sunak as the two checked on the presenter.

Both candidates were seen kneeling to make sure she was okay. While the broadcast was stopped, Sunak and Truss continued to answer questions from the small audience in the studio to watch the debate live after the show went off the air.

While McCann is recovering, Sunak took to Twitter to talk about the “great debate”.

“Good news you are already recovering @KateEMcCann It was a great debate and I look forward to being grilled by you again soon!” the 42-year-old tweeted.

Meanwhile, politicians are traveling up and down the country to tackle a range of crucial topics to win over members of the Conservative Party before the vote closes on September 2 and the results are announced on September 5.

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