Rishi Sunak’s pic goes viral as ‘killer Brutus’, his supporters say ‘wait till you find out how Johnson got the PM job’, others refer to his alleged ‘multiple affairs’ : The Tribune India

Tribune web desk

Chandigarh, August 1

The battle for the British Prime Minister’s post has become very distasteful and ugly.

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A photoshopped photo showing an image of outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dressed as Roman leader Julius Caesar and Rishi Sunak stabbing him in the back while being seen as “assassin” Brutus has gone viral on social media.

The photo was found in “bad taste and even bordered as dangerous” by Secretary of State Greg Hands, who backs the former British Indian minister in the Prime Minister’s race.

The photo was reposted by culture secretary Nadine Dorries on Twitter.

However, it was later removed or removed.

Aside from them, Twitter users were at war over the photo, with some supporting Rishi and others denouncing Johnson.

Below are some reactions:

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