Salman Khan appeals in Bombay HC for relief against NRI neighbour

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has approached Bombay’s Supreme Court against a March civil court order that failed to provide relief in a libel suit he brought against his Panvel farm NRI neighbor Ketan Kakkad.

Salman’s lawyer Pradeep Gandhy said the actor filed the appeal in HC himself in April and that he asked Kakkad to remove the defamatory videos and also stopped making any further such comments about him.

The lawyer said the injunction had been challenged because the city’s civil court judge made a mistake in not understanding the definition of the term defamation, while denying Salman the injunction.

The lawsuit arose out of an interview Kakkad gave to a YouTube channel in which he made certain allegations against Salman. Kakkad had said in his defense that he was only telling the truth.

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