Samantha Ruth Prabhu talks about ‘injustice in life’ with Sadhguru

Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu met spiritual leader Sadhguru at a recent event in Hyderabad and asked him about the injustice of life. During their interaction, she asked if dishonesty in one’s life could be due to one’s “past karma.” Sadhguru responded to her, saying, “I want the world to be fair to me is a matter of school girls.” (Also Read: How Samantha Ruth Prabhu Continues to Break the Mold of What ‘Traditional Indian Heroines’ Should Do)

Samantha and Sadhguru spoke on various topics surrounding the life and thoughts of the spiritual guru. They met on the occasion of Sadhguru’s 100-day trip for his Save Soil movement. Apart from the actor, the event was also attended by the Minister of Telangana Industries, KT Rama Rao.

During the fragment between Samantha and Sadhguru, she asked him a question that came to her mind. She said, ‘How much of one’s life is the result of their past karma? Are the injustices and dishonesty you face in your life the result of their past karma, and if so, do you accept these injustices and take comfort in the fact that the karma is cleared up even though it seems harmful to our lives in so many ways…?”

To this, Sadhguru replied by asking Samantha if she still expects the world to be fair to her. He went on to say, “You should know by now that the world isn’t fair. It won’t be fair.” He went on to explain how life will always remain unfair to Samantha.

In 2021, Samantha announced her divorce from husband, actor Naga Chaitanya. About her life after the divorce, she said in a statement: “Your emotional investment in a personal crisis has overwhelmed me. Thank you all for showing deep empathy, concern and for defending me against false rumors and stories being spread. She saying that I had affairs never wanted children that I am an opportunist and now that I have had abortions Divorce in itself is an extremely painful process Let alone giving me time to heal This attack on me personally has been ruthless. But I promise you this, I will never allow this or anything else they say, break me.”

Samantha will next be seen alongside Vijay Deverakonda in their upcoming Telugu film Kushi.


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