Samsung planning to discontinue Exynos chipset manufacturing, says rumors

Samsung plans to halt production of Exynos chipsets, rumors say

Samsung plans to halt production of Exynos chipsets
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Yes, you read that right in the title! Samsung may be on track for the definitive cessation of production of the Exynos chipsets by Samsung.

This could be good news for many Samsung fans who had nothing but to settle for a less efficient Exynos chipset over the Qualcomm chipset in some countries, including India.

Though the Exynos chipset has been brought by Samsung to provide better smartphones from the budget range to the flagship range at great prices.

What was the biggest problem with the Exynos chipset?

Although Samsung had invested a lot in the research and development of the Exynos chipset to provide its users with a better powerful chipset.

But given its competition, which includes renowned processor manufacturers including Qualcomm and MediaTek, it was also difficult for Samsung to compete with its competitors.

There were also many Galaxy smartphones, including the S-series flagship smartphone that came with Exynos chipset in select regions.

Although the performance of the smartphones with Exynos chipset and Qualcomm chipset saw a big difference, for which users used to complain about the unfair working method of Samsung.

Compared to Qualcomm chipsets, Exynos chipset was less efficient and less powerful in working, which made many of the users unable to support Samsung phones that come specifically with Exynos chipset.

Will Samsung discontinue the Exynos chipset?

Will Samsung discontinue the Exynos chipset?

Will Samsung discontinue the Exynos chipset?
Image Credits: Anthony

While Samsung has not yet announced its plan to stop producing Exynos chipsets, they have confirmed that they will be paying close attention to expanding the research and development of the Exynos project and ensuring more efficient and powerful chipset coming soon.

However, Samsung plans to enter into new partnerships with IP companies to support the development of the Exynos chipset.

Moreover, Qualcomm, a popular chipset maker, revealed to the users that the upcoming new S series smartphone, the Galaxy S23 series, will get its power from the new flagship Snapdragon processor, and this processor will be used in the smartphones regardless of the region. The smartphone comes with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Moreover, the chip makers also said that they will introduce a strategic partnership with Samsung to provide premium experiences for the users.

From now on, we will soon see many Galaxy products with Qualcomm chipset appear. We will update you with more details in the near future. Stay tuned on TechStory for more updates.

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