Scientists discover new way of treating solid tumours using Nanoparticles | Lifestyle

According to a recent study, a group of researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine has found a new way of treating solid tumors with the creation of a new nanoparticle. They also found that cancers of the breast, colon, head and neck have tumors that are solid. In the study, an associate professor of cancer biology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Dr. Xin Ming and his team a nanoparticle to deliver a small molecule called ARL67156 to promote an anti-tumor immune response in mouse models of colon, head and neck, and metastatic breast cancer, resulting in increased survival. The study was published online in a journal called Science Translational Medicine. Although immunotherapy has transformed cancer therapy, only about 20% of patients respond to treatment. The presence of adenosine in the tumor microenvironment may lead to a poor therapeutic response. However, the nanoparticle design allows for the accumulation and release of ARL67156 selectively in solid tumors. Ming concluded the study, saying, “Our study suggests there is a possible translation of our… nanoparticle therapy for the treatment of cancer in humans and that it could also increase the effectiveness of existing treatments. These findings warrant further evaluation.”

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