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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shared the photos showing holes in the seafloor that have sent scientists to despair.

The underwater world is mysterious. In addition to the countless mysteries of that world, this new mystery has baffled scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a US federal agency.

NOAA took to their official Twitter handle to share the photos and also about the mystery. “During Saturday’s #Okeanos dive, we saw several sublinear sets of holes in the seafloor. The origin of the holes has scientists stumped. The holes look man-made, but the small piles of sediment around them suggest they were excavated by…something,” they wrote. They also asked people what they thought of it. “What is YOUR hypothesis?” they added.

They also shared one-line descriptions for both images. “Small holes in a line on a brown seafloor,” they wrote for the first image. “A series of small rectangular holes in a line on the seafloor,” they shared for the second .

Have a look at the message:

The post was shared on July 26. Since it was posted, the post has racked up over 400 likes. It has also collected several comments from people.

“Something lying on the seabed that a small creature has dug/eaten, leaving the holes in place? Vertebrae of an animal or fossil perhaps?” suggested one Twitter user. “At what depth? Could they come from longline fishing gear or from leadline or tickler chain markers from deepwater trawling? Just depends on the depth of the water,” added another. “Without knowing the size of the holes, it’s hard to guess. The amount of sediment being pushed around the hole suggests it isn’t very deep,” a third wrote. “I was so intrigued by it – I hope someone has an explanation for it!” wrote a fourth.

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