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Congressman Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday urged Foreign Minister S Jaishankar to take action against his colleagues in the Indian embassy in Muskat, who reportedly issued the BJP statement to media houses in Oman over the altercation with the prophet. Shashi Tharoor responded to a tweet he was tagged in saying that this is a serious issue. The embassy sending the BJP’s statement contradicts the State Department’s statement that the objectionable views were by fringe elements, Shashi Tharoor hinted. Also Read: PM Modi listens to Muslim countries, not Muslims of India: Owaisi on Nupur Sharma, Naveen Jindal

“The distinction between our government and a political party (on which @MEAIndia relied to distance the Indian government from the incendiary comments) has been forgotten in this overzealous message,” tweeted Shashi Tharoor.

An alleged screenshot shared on Twitter showed that the Embassy of India in Muscat sent the statement from the BJP to all media organizations in Oman on Sunday as a press release from India. It was the same press release in which the BJP said it respects all religions. “The BJP strongly disapproves of insulting religious personalities of any religion. The Bharatiya Janata Party is also strongly against any ideology that insults or humiliates any sect or religion. The BJP does not promote such people or philosophy,” the BJP said. declaration. After the statement was released, the party suspended Nupur Sharma and expelled Naveen Kumar Jindal from the country for their controversial comments about the Prophet Muhammad.

Several Muslim countries, including Indonesia, the UAE, the Maldives, Jordan, Bahrain, Libya, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Afghanistan have raised objections to the statements made by the former BJP spokespersons that made the issue international.

New Delhi distanced itself from the controversy, naming Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal as “fringe elements” whose views do not match the government’s views.

Amid the furious controversy, the embassy in Muscat has reportedly issued the BJP statement to media houses in Oman. “Can a government agency do this?” author and journalist Rejimon Kuttappan asked Shashi to tag Tharoor, to which Tharoor said the matter is very serious.

Shashi Tharoor had previously expressed his views on the spat, saying those who express “intolerance at home” should be aware of the “implications abroad”. “Those who express bigotry at home must be aware of the consequences abroad. India has enjoyed a proud position in the world, which is undermined by the irresponsibility of the community-minded people who have been given free rein by the ruling party for too long ,” he said. He also did some puns with “fringe” when he replied to a Twitter user. “They’ve been ‘binge’ for too long. And some of them have been ‘unhinged’. In the process, the nation has been ‘scorched,'” wrote Shashi Tharoor.

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