Simba Moment at Calgary Zoo as Mother Gorilla Shows Her Kid to Visitors

At the Calgary Zoo, Canada, it was a sight to behold for visitors to see a mother gorilla kiss her adorable baby. An Instagram reel of this heartbreaking moment was shared by ViralHog. In the video, the mother gorilla was cuddling her baby first. She then lifted him up for viewers to see.

Impressed, one lady said, “Thank you for showing us.” It was followed by another heartwarming moment when the mother gorilla kissed her baby several times. Children standing outside the glass compartment watched this poignant spectacle with great interest. The Instagram reel was captioned, “Proud mommy shows off her baby at the Calgary Zoo.”

Viewers were mesmerized, but also saddened by the fact that these animals are kept in zoos. One user wrote that animals should be left in the wild. Another user replied that wild animals are safer in zoos. They would be harmed by poachers if they lived in the wild. Zoos have breeding programs and are committed to research and conservation. Without zoos, animals such as California condors, red wolves, Oryx, Hellbenders, and Okapi would become extinct.

One user noted that animals are much more precious than humans. Some also commented that this beautiful face made their day. This reel has accumulated more than 1 Lakh views. More than 18,000 people have liked the reel.

A similar video from another mother-son duo went viral last year. A mother struggled to bathe her son, but she didn’t give up. The video was captioned: “This is the way mothers teach their children that no one else can take a bath for you…”

The video garnered more than 38,000 views.

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