Six things you can do to feel less bloated

bloated feeling is a common problem that can have several reasons. Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor explains in an Instagram post that the reason behind a bloated stomach “might be difficult to determine” because “so many factors can throw our bodies out of balance and cause a bloated stomach”.

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“Whether you experience the after-effects of a pampering, constipation from traveling (even if you stick to healthy snacks), dealing with menstrual symptoms, or for some inexplicable reason just feeling like you could be floating away like a hot air balloon, there’s no denying it’s downright uncomfortable,” Kapoor wrote in her caption.

According to her, “occasional gas is completely natural,” and there are some tips and tricks to help you find relief.

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1. You can try eating foods rich in potassium.
2. Give yourself a break from gluten, sugar and refined foods.
3. Slow down when you eat and make sure you chew your food well.
4. After the meal, sit down and relax for 3-5 minutes.
5. Take a probiotic, which is good for the gut.
6. Sit down and take three abdominal breaths.

“If you’ve tried these tricks once and you’re still dealing with the bloated stomach, you may have food allergy or intolerances,” said the expert.

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