Sony could have a trio of new gaming headsets on the way

Sony may be ready to announce a new range of gaming headsets, according to a report from 91Mobiles based on information provided by OnLeaks† Rather than being PlayStation-branded specifically, like Sony’s Pulse headset, the three headsets will apparently be part of a new gaming hardware brand from Sony called “Inzone”, which could also include a pair of gaming screens.

Leaked images show the three so-called H-series headsets with a similar white color scheme as the existing Pulse headset. The H3 is wired and has a USB-C port with a physical volume rocker. There’s a button labeled “NC/AMB” shown in the renders of the H3, suggesting it could support noise cancellation and have an ambient sound mode so players can hear what’s going on around them.

A leaked image of Sony’s Inzone H3.
Image: 91Mobiles / Onleaks

A leaked image of Sony’s Inzone H7.
Image: 91Mobiles / Onleaks

The H7 and H9, meanwhile, are wireless and can connect via Bluetooth or with an included USB dongle. The H9 is the premium of the two and reportedly supports noise cancellation. All three support 360-degree spatial audio. There are no official details on which platforms the headsets will support, but if they’re anything like Sony’s existing Pulse headset, they’ll likely work on PC alongside the PS5. You can see a full set of images at 91Mobiles

If we are to believe a separate report, these headsets may be part of a wider line of Inzone gaming accessories from Sony. Leaker Tom Henderson reports that the company could also develop a few Inzone game screens. One could have 4K resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, while the other is said to be 240Hz but with a reduced resolution of 1080p. There’s no word on screen sizes, but both will reportedly support HDR, variable refresh rates, and other gaming-focused features. Let’s hope Sony has learned some lessons from the last time it released a standalone display designed specifically for use with a PlayStation console.

There’s no word on how much these new headsets and monitors could cost, or when they could be released. But Henderson reports that we could already see an announcement… next week

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