Sony gives an early look at PlayStation VR2 features, here’s what’s coming new

Sony gives an early look at PlayStation VR2 features, here's what's new

Sony leave no stone unturned to hype his upcoming Playstation VR2. The second-generation PlayStation VR is expected to debut later this year. Sony teases the PS VR2 for quite some time. Back in June, the company announced some exclusive titles for its upcoming virtual reality console, and now we have an early sneak peek at some of its features.

In the latest blog post, Sony revealed some of the features of the upcoming PlayStation VR2. The PS VR2 offers new user interface features not present in the last generation PS VR, including broadcast mode, look-through mode and a custom play area. The PS VR2 is said to offer two different modes: VR and cinematic.

One of the big features coming to PS VR2 is the ability to broadcast yourself while you’re playing. This feature allows players to stream their real-world actions along with the gameplay. However, you will need the PS5 HD camera, which is sold separately.

Another great feature of PS VR2 is the see-through display. So the PS VR2 has cameras on the front and when you use them you can see where your controllers are without taking the headset off. Players can switch between seeing the environment or viewing the content using the function button on the headset or the map in the control center. Unfortunately, you can’t record anything in see-through mode.

The cameras on the headset can also be used along with the PS VR2 sense controllers to create a custom play space. The cameras scan the room and the controllers allow you to adjust the play area to how you want it to be. So when you approach the boundary of the playing area, you will receive a warning that “you are approaching the boundary of the playing area”. You can also set different play areas for different rooms.

Last but not least, PS VR2 offers a VR mode and a cinematic mode allowing players to enjoy both games and media content with the headset. In VR mode, the content is displayed in a 4000×2040 HDR format with a frame rate of 90/120Hz in a 360-degree virtual environment. Meanwhile, the cinematic mode shows the PS5 system, user interface and game or non-game content on a virtual game on a virtual cinema screen. Movie mode supports 1920×1080 HDR video format with a frame rate of 24/60/120Hz.

There is no word on the availability or price of the PlayStation VR2. But we can expect Sony to provide more details in the coming months. Sony is reportedly aiming for a 2022 holiday release for the PS VR2, meaning it could arrive by the end of this year.


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