Spider Monkeys Pull Girl By Hair After She Repeatedly Hit Their Enclosure

Viral video: Spider monkeys pull girl's hair after repeatedly hitting their enclosure

The location where the video was shot is not yet known.

In a horrific incident recently, a young girl was grabbed by her hair by two spider monkeys after bumping into their enclosures in a zoo.

A video, initially shared on TikTok, showed the girl approaching the monkey enclosure with her phone in one hand and the other waving at the fence to keep the monkeys at bay. Moments later, one of the monkeys can be seen reaching through the fence of the enclosure fence and pulling the girl toward her while she screamed.

Watch the video below:

Then a boy is seen pulling the girl away from the spider monkey. He is also seen waving a t-shirt at the animal in an attempt to move it away.

Fortunately, the girl manages to free herself. But that wasn’t the end, because seconds later the girl walked past the monkeys in their cage again and got close enough to grab her hair again. At this point, a second monkey can also be seen reaching through the fence and grabbing the back of the girl’s hair.

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At the end of the clip, the girl was lucky enough to escape with her hair intact. She managed to free herself from the monkeys before the statues stopped. The location where the video was shot is not yet known.

Meanwhile, visitors are warned not to touch the bars of animal cages at the zoo. Even if the animals look good, getting close to them isn’t always a good idea. Example: A while back, a man nearly broke his leg after teasing an orangutan. In another incident, a zookeeper in Jamaica had his finger torn off by a lion after he put his hand through the bars of his cage.

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