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Sunil Grover is 45 and already famous in more ways than one. Some like his avatars of Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati, while some prefer to see him in more serious roles, such as that of Saif Ali Khan’s assistant in the web series Tandav. With films like Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan and Amitabh Bachchan’s Goodbye in his cat, Sunil is sure to have a great year ahead. The actor-comedian likes both aspects of his career equally and is just happy and thankful that he gets each new offer better than the next. Also read: Despite recent box office failures, Alia Bhatt feels Shah Rukh Khan ‘needs no advice’: He is magic and magician together

In an interview with Hindustan Times on the eve of his birthday, Sunil talked about the opportunities he is getting and why he doesn’t regret that fans still remember him as Gutthi. fragments:

You turned 45 this year. What is your mental age — do you still feel as young as 16 or as mature as 45?

When I see a 45-year-old, I feel like, ‘Oh, that’s quite an old man’. When I look at myself, it looks like I’m 18-20, maybe 30. It continues to fluctuate daily.

Are there any birthday plans as such?

No plans yet. I’m more for a quiet birthday. What happens is that social media posts take up most of your time on your birthday. I will be at home with family and friends.

You had a major health crisis in February that caused many young people to sit up and take note of their own health. Did the stroke make a big change in the way you think about health, fitness and life as such?

I am good by God’s grace. I’m fine and enjoying. I don’t know why it happened, how it happened, because everything was fine. I had also taken care of my diet, food, and exercise in the past. I lead normal life as before, not much. But now I try not to miss my workouts.

You recently made a comeback as Dr. Mashoor Gulati on India’s Laughing Champion. How was the response?

I wanted to do it for myself. I liked dressing up as Dr. Mashoor Gulati. It was only for one episode. That was it, and I felt good.

Your character Gutthi seems to have appeared in Cannes this year. What was your reaction when you saw her photoshopped photos on the internet?

(laughs) Gutthi has her own passport, she travels wherever she wants. She doesn’t inform me.

Sunil Grover's Gutthi was Photoshopped on the Cannes red carpet.
Sunil Grover’s Gutthi was Photoshopped on the Cannes red carpet.

Do your family or your children judge you for dressing up as a woman on screen?

It’s been a while. They are immune to it. Until the check comes out in Sunil Grover’s name, everyone is happy.

Has it ever happened that the image of your characters, such as that of Gutthi or Mashoor Gulati, has influenced your chances of getting different roles?

At first, even I thought so. I just did it and it became popular, I didn’t know the impact. Maybe I’ve been lucky that people have accepted my male characters, aside from comedy. I am grateful to the public, the almighty, for accepting me like this. In Tandav, I was little skeptical about how people would accept me in that role. It was a complete contrast to my cartoon characters. I was lucky.

It has happened that people say: ‘You have a funny image, what if people laugh at your performance’. But I knew from the inside that if I get the chance, I can show and prove otherwise. I was also skeptical in a way whether people would accept me or not. I knew I could, but until the public accepts you, it can’t happen.

You now have some very impressive projects lined up. Jawan with Shah Rukh Khan and goodbye with Amitabh Bachchan. Tell us about them.

I’ll talk when the time comes. I’m in these movies and looking forward to them.

Do you feel like you finally got out of the comedic image that stuck with the audience? You are ubiquitous on TV, OTT and also on the silver screen.

It’s a good thing my image has stuck with the public. I don’t want to get out of my comedic image. I want to keep doing comedy if I get good roles, with a good script. I would for sure. All I want is to be able to play any part I get, comedy or not. I like doing comedy. I’m glad that as an actor I get the chance to discover different sides of it. I want to explore more — I wish that on my birthday. I pray that I continue to entertain the audience with different roles and characters. I enjoy the new way of telling stories these days. I enjoy that a lot. I want to do some good projects. The medium doesn’t matter. I want to work and work with good people.

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