Suppliers jointly develop Toyota Crown hybrid transmission

BluE Nexus Corporation, Asisin and Denso have announced that they have teamed up to develop a new single-engine hybrid transmission for Toyota’s new Crown Crossover RS, which will be launched in the fall of 2022.

The transmission integrates newly designed Direct Shift-6AT with a drive motor and an inverter and, the suppliers claimed, is “characterized by high acceleration performance and contributes to lower fuel consumption”.

“In combination with the eAxle mounted at the rear of the vehicle, [transmission] achieves driving performance fit for a premium vehicle by taking full advantage of the 2.4-litre turbo engine, helping to enhance the attractiveness of Toyota’s new Crown,” she added in a statement.

Rapid acceleration was achieved using a newly developed, highly heat-resistant starter clutch and advanced control. The high-torque assist effect is due to a newly designed drive motor in combination with the six-speed direct-shift automatic transmission.

The clutches for starting the forward vehicle and stopping the engine are subject to coordinated control, so that the engine can be started and stopped smoothly and quietly when switching to an electric driving mode.

The drive motor was “significantly” reduced in size by reducing the stator shaft length, which was achieved through newly developed manufacturing technology, including coil extension construction, as well as coil cooling and optimization of the magnet layout.

The large-diameter flat motor has allowed the placement of two clutches in the motor rotor, increasing the overall length of the drivetrain. The under-hood packaging has been improved by using an ‘electromechanical integration structure’ in which a converter is mounted directly above the transmission.

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