Swathi Satish root canal row: Dentist speaks up, ‘I have all the proof I need’ | Bengaluru

Dentist speaks out against actor Swathi Satish’s claims of medical negligence after root canal treatment reportedly goes wrong

Kannada actor and TV host Swathi Satish talked about a medical accident that happened on May 28 when she got her root canal treatment at Oryx Dental Multispecialty Dental Center. Satish, who suffered from swelling in her face after the treatment, is on the way to recovery. “Even though I’m recovering, one thing is still there. I didn’t get my proper lip shape back. I can’t smile perfectly and it’s been 23 days that I no longer have feeling in my lips. According to my current doctors, it could take another two weeks or a month to get back in shape,” says Satish. “My root canal isn’t even complete because of the swelling that I currently have,” she adds.

dr. However, Dhananjay Sanjay, the owner of the dental clinic, claims that Swathi has made a full recovery. “I have CCTV footage from the clinic to prove that the swelling in her face has subsided and she is now completely fine. The photos she shared with the media are more than 20 days old, from the first or second day of the swelling.”

Talking about what went wrong during treatment, Satish claims that Dr. Dhananjay, Dr. Mayuri, who treated the actor, made a mistake during the procedure. “When I consulted another dentist for a second opinion, I found out. The dentist who did my root canal first injected me with sodium hypochlorite, after which I screamed and started crying because it was extremely painful. Later she injected anesthesia. According to other doctors, it should have happened the other way around. The anesthetic goes first and then the sodium hypochlorite,” she says.

dr. Sanjay says: “We have videographic evidence to show that the procedure was followed correctly and that a local anesthetic was used before the sodium hypochlorite. However, it may have been possible that at the time of the sodium hypochlorite injection some of it was on the nearby soft tissues, leading to the inflammation. Now, this kind of occurrence is very common. Being in the field myself for over five years, I have seen situations like this arise. It is our job to know how to deal with it, and the right way to do that is to make sure you’re taking the right drugs and antibiotics that we gave the patient, we understand that she may have been stressed or panicked at the moment, but we couldn’t help her because she wasn’t ready to accept our help.”

According to Dr Sanjay, the actor from FIR 6 to 6 came back to the clinic after a few days to ask for compensation. “She asked us to pay her a monthly salary, along with the cost of the root canal, which amounted to approx. 40,000. We denied her compensation and she decided to come forward with this incident 23 days after it happened,” he says, adding a medical certificate advising her to rest for 20 days until it healed. However, she turned down the offer and publicly asked people to downgrade my clinic on Google. Within the span of an hour my rating went from five stars to a one star rating. I had to get my clinic and address from the website. I suffered a lot mentally because of what happened. I didn’t want this to become a big situation, but if she decides to take the legal path, I will too, because I have all the evidence I need.”

Satish, on the other hand, claims that this mistake cost her almost everything. “I lost my job, lost my orders and contracts for modeling, even a few offers for TV series and movies.” When asked if she wants to take action against the clinic, she says, “I’ll let you know soon.”

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