Switch Mobility Ltd. launches all new, ‘SWITCH e1’ 12m bus

Switch Mobility Ltd (“Switch”), the carbon neutral next generation electric bus and light commercial vehicle company, today unveiled the new 4th generation SWITCH e1 bus

Switch Mobility Ltd (“Switch”), the carbon neutral next generation electric bus and light commercial vehicle company, today unveiled the new 4th generation SWITCH e1 bus. The SWITCH e1, a fully electric bus tailored to the European market, is an important step forward in Switch’s mission: to enrich lives through green mobility.

Launched at the European Mobility Expo, the SWITCH e1 combines lightweight monocoque construction with advanced NMC battery technology to create a truly market-leading product. With a battery capacity of 389 kWh and ZF hub motors, the SWITCH e1 delivers exceptional performance and class-leading efficiency. Fast charging is achieved in less than 3 hours and air-conditioned charging in 7 hours. The SWITCH e1 also benefits from Switch’s industry-leading technology, including iAlert, which enables real-time remote diagnosis and monitoring services, as well as world-class digital battery management tools.

Designed with an emphasis on passenger comfort, the vehicle is adaptable and has a flexible seating arrangement designed to allow easy entry and exit. With a capacity of up to 93 passengers – including up to 30 seated, passengers will ride in comfort with a contemporary and open-plan interior design, reading lights, under-seat lighting, USB ports and a widescreen monitor including a “next five stops” function and information about the nearby public transport. The interior layout and ultra-low floor improve wheelchair access through both the front and center doors, a unique feature in this segment. Passengers and drivers can also enjoy the double-walled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, which direct airflow to the occupants, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Developing the SWITCH e1 as a completely new product also allowed the integration of the latest driver aids and safety features. Electronic stability control and the electronic braking system provide a confident driving experience, while blind spot monitoring, collision detection and lane departure warning maximize safety for both drivers and passengers.

Dheeraj Hinduja, Chairman of Switch Mobility, said on the occasion: The Hinduja Group and Ashok Leyland are committed to providing carbon-free mobility through Switch. Today is an important milestone for us, with the launch of our first European bus. Switch is committed to developing new electric buses and light vehicles for multiple regions and price ranges, including Europe, UK, India and elsewhere, to be launched in the coming months.”

Andy Palmer, Vice Chairman and CEO of Switch Mobility Ltd, said:“We are proud to continue to innovate the sector with not only one of the lightest commercially available buses in Europe, but also our first all-electric bus designed specifically for the European market. The SWITCH e1 is the result of learning from the 30 million electric kilometers our buses have covered, delivering a state-of-the-art transport solution designed with the customer first. Switch continues to empower cities to achieve net-zero targets, empower operators to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, and ensure drivers and passengers experience unparalleled comfort.”

Creating a carbon-free future with the next generation of buses

As a sustainably certified carbon neutral manufacturer, the first global bus and light commercial vehicle manufacturer to achieve this award, Switch helps cities achieve true net zero emissions. Switch has saved more than 5 million tons of CO2 with its Metrodecker buses and its Metrocity, the first British-built all-electric bus to enter service in London, remains one of the most efficient products on the market.

The SWITCH e1 is the next step in zero-emission buses and builds on Switch’s ambition for a next-generation fleet. The SWITCH e1 is adaptable to any city to ensure that fleets can be decarbonised, with adaptable batteries to match the desired range and modular roof mounting for future expansion needs.

SOURCE: Switch Mobility

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