the new file explorer is much lighter than before

Microsoft is actively preparing the major 22H2 update for Windows 11, codenamed Sun Valley 2. Among the new features is a revised and corrected file explorer. It now works on a tab system and is much less greedy than the current one, according to initial feedback.

The tabs thus make it possible to multiply the pages without opening new ones. Much more practical for the user, who no longer has to juggle between different windows, but also much lighter for your computer.

As Windows Latest notes, each tab open only takes up an extra MB of RAM, so nothing. You can multiply the open windows without weighing your computer. A noticeable innovation, knowing that the current explorer is heavier and calculates each window individually.

The new ‘tabs’ feature in Windows 11 seems to minimize File Explorer’s RAM usage

Windows 11 explorer

In addition to the tabs, we remind you that the new file explorer will provide a revised and corrected banner on the left. The most used folders are automatically highlighted while the display is much clearer. A good thing, as Explorer has become increasingly important in Windows 11.

This file explorer is currently only available to certain Insiders. It should be deployed for all registrants in the coming weeks. It should logically be part of the big 22H2 update for the general public. As a reminder, Microsoft releases a major update every October. The latter bring new features to the user, which this explorer could be a part of.

To sign up for the Insider program, nothing could be easier. Just go to Windows 11 settings and validate the registration. So it is no longer necessary to wait for the release of new software. Be careful though, this is a beta version and bugs may persist. Also, Microsoft asks for feedback and bug reporting.

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