The Nokia 110 4G (2022) is a cheap phone that does the basics, 8210 4G launches in India


I wonder if there are any phones without a camera and other smartphone features? Would love to get out of the whole 24×7 addiction and surveillance junk for a few weeks every year.


DMX, 1 hour agoGod may HMD leave the dead Nokia alone!! had the courage that LG had to pull out and Blackberry … moreThere is a difference between LG and HMD, which is profit. HMD makes a profit from its mobile phones, LG does not.

HMD Nokia is a joke brand.


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but we need 2660 in india. don’t kill it D like you did with 2720 flip.


God may HMD leave the dead Nokia alone!! have the courage that LG had to back off and Blackberry and stop being ashamed


I bet it’s faster than the exynos powered Samsung S series.


For the love of all that is sacred Nokia, stop making phones with gray/silver keyboards and gray numbers and letters on them. My father bought one of those Nokia once and he couldn’t see anything. It was slightly visible when the keyboard backlight was on and it was dark, but when the backlight was off you couldn’t really see anything. Black buttons with white numbers and letters is fine, silver, just no. Or if you do, somehow make them more visible. I don’t know how, just do it somehow. Otherwise it’s a worthless phone.


Anonymous, 1 hour agoI know this is in a price range where it’s like “I’ll definitely buy 3 for grandma in… morebut unlike the Nokia in the article

they can’t play Snake

just some copycats from the app store

real snake 10/10 phone of the year


I know this is in a price range where it’s like “I’ll definitely buy 3 for grandma in case she loses them”

But if we go for keyboard phones

y’all should check out the qin f22 pro

and the qin ai life 2 pro, even if it’s full screen

funnily enough the f22 pro crushes the ai life 2 pro as the former has a freaking helio g85. for a KEYPAD PHONE with a 3 inch screen……. grandma can now play genshin! and the ai life 2 pro has a random unisoc that competes with the g35 and rushes on genshin at about 15-25 fps. those are funny things there

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