This is what CEO Tim Cook has to say on Apple product said to be in the making since years

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Apple would have been working on an Augmented Reality based product for years. There has been great speculation that the company will unveil its first-ever AR product at the Global Developer Conference (WWDC) held earlier this month. Some analysts have even suggested the name of the operating system, Reality OS, on which Apple’s AR devices will run. But then the product remained a rumor, as it has been for many years.
Apple CEO Tim cooks has again teased that the company is working on an augmented reality or AR product. In an interview with the state-owned China Daily, Cook told Apple fans, “stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer.”
Cook said this in response to a question about what he thinks are the most important things AR products need to succeed in the consumer market. To this, Cook responded by saying, “I’m incredibly excited about AR as a technology. The most important thing about any technology, including AR, is to put humanity at the center. And that’s what we focus on every day. an example we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store that bring AR experience to millions of people around the world. But despite this, I think we are still at a very early stage of how this technology will evolve. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities in this space, so stay tuned to see what we have to offer in this space.”
Not the first time
It is not the first time that Apple CEO speaks about Apple working on AR technology. Although he has never necessarily revealed the company’s plan. He has also admitted several times that he is a big fan of AR technology and that he sees huge potential in it for Apple.
Rumors that Apple is working on an AR headset, and more recently AR glasses, have been around for years. Some reports also claim that it is a mixed reality (AR + VR) based headset. Some analysts have said the product will be an equally big breakthrough for Apple, equating it with the success of the iPhone. Popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the headset’s chip would be as powerful as Macs. A recent Bloomberg report claimed that the headset is nearing completion and that the company is working on its operating system called Reality OS.
In the latest speculation, Haitong International Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu released a note reportedly stating that Apple’s rumored AR glasses are now in the design development phase.


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