This new WhatsApp security feature will keep hackers away

WhatsApp users will soon get a new security feature called Login Approval. Know how it will protect your WhatsApp account.

Despite the multi-level steps and security checks on WhatsApp, hackers and online scammers always find a way to attack unsuspecting users! From end-to-end encrypted messages to two-step verification, WhatsApp has tried to protect users from the potential threat of fraudsters. Now it is reported that WhatsApp has taken another step to make this online messaging space even more secure by introducing a new security feature that will protect users from online hackers and scammers.

WhatsApp update tracker WabetaInfo shared: “Following the announcement of two-factor authentication, a feature under development to prevent people from stealing other user accounts, WhatsApp is now developing another feature to protect users so that they can receive in-app alerts. when someone else tries to log into their account!” This new feature is called Login Approval and is expected to build over the existing two-step verification system.

WhatsApp is getting more secure!

The WabetaInfo report shared some glimpses of this upcoming security feature, suggesting that when someone else tries to log into your WhatsApp account, you’ll get a login request. You must accept the login request by approving it. This is a great way to block suspicious login attempts to your account by anyone other than yourself.

“So people can finally decline a login request if someone tries to log in to their account because they shared their 6-digit code incorrectly,” the report said. In addition, the new security warning will also report some other useful details such as the time of unknown login and other information about the phone.

However, it is still unclear when users will be able to get this feature on their WhatsApp accounts as it is still under development.

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