Three Things To Consider Before Marriage

Three things to consider before getting married

Match compatibility happens not only with zodiac signs and horoscopes, but with many other practicalities. The wannabe couples need to understand each other not only when it comes to matching tastes and interests but also in many other aspects.

Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the following parameters should be analyzed as many divorces have taken place on these grounds as well:

Saver or spender:

There are many couples (especially if they are both working) who develop differences when it comes to spending money. If one is focused on saving and the other on spending, the marriage bond can suffer. If both are in saving mode, that turns out to be the best match. If they are both spendthrift, they can live without complaints, although they will face financial difficulties over time. But the problem is with opposite poles.

Past incidents:

The love affairs or even the little past dates should be shared before the wedding itself. In the worst case, the match will fail. But after marriage, even if shared in an insignificant moment, the sparks can burn the whole peace in no time. Or else the couple should be sure to bury the past forever.


One should be clear about the aspiring partner’s expectations regarding settling abroad and enjoying a luxurious life. Many divorces happen with false expectations from one of the spouses. The modest ones certainly enjoy a better marriage bond. But if one of the couples is more ambitious and the other modest, things can turn upside down.

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