Tips to Manage the Condition of Prediabetes

According to the National Health Institutes, 45 to 65 percent of calories come from carbohydrates daily. The need for carbohydrates varies from person to person, depending on a person’s stature and activity level.

The best way to manage portions is to eat mindfully.

Fiberglass has several advantages. Not only will it help you feel fuller, but it will also add volume to your diet, making bowel movements easier. Because fiber increases satiety levels, it makes you eat less.

They help you avoid the “crash” diet that further raises blood sugar. Fiber-rich foods also help maintain energy levels.

High fiber foods include beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables with edible skins, whole wheat bread, whole grains (quinoa or barley), whole grains, whole wheat pasta, etc.

Everyone has a different lifestyle and some people drink and smoke regularly. But if you are someone who has been diagnosed with prediabetes, you should keep an eye on your alcohol consumption.

Prediabetes patients should remember that moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle, whether it be eating or drinking alcohol. This is because drinks can lead to dehydration and too much sugar can cause your blood sugar to rise.

According to the PubMedwomen should have one drink a day, while men should drink no more than two drinks a day.

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