Train Smashes Into SUV At Railroad Crossing In Canada

Caught on camera: train crashes into SUV at railroad crossing in Canada

The driver is being prosecuted for reckless act.

A commuter train in Toronto, Canada, recently collided with a car that circled the barrier and stopped on the track in mid-May. Metrolinx, an Ontario government agency that operates roads and public transportation, released a video a month after the incident “to raise awareness about safety on level crossings.”

The clip made available by Storyful shows the driver approaching the level crossing as the barrier lowers to indicate a train is approaching. The motorists then drive slowly around the barrier onto the track and seconds later the train collides with the SUV. A photo of the damaged vehicle is also shown at the end of the video.

Watch the video below:

Metrolinx said the driver of the SUV left the crime scene without serious injuries. He will be prosecuted for reckless acts.

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The government agency added that every year 100 Canadians are seriously injured or killed at level crossings. “Everyone should be alert to consider and remember that trains are moving fast and could show up at any moment.” said Martin Gallagher, chief safety officer at Metrolinx.

Meanwhile, in another shocking incident, a high-speed police chase ended in a crash, with the suspect’s car flipping over four times before landing on its roof. A video shared on social media showed a black car on the corner of a security camera’s frame, speeding toward the neighborhood.

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The driver momentarily loses control of the steering wheel and that is when the vehicle overturns while trying to avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle. The video showed the black sedan swinging and dragging across the road before coming to a stop just in front of the house where the security camera was installed. The incident shocked internet users.

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