U.S. President Joe Biden likely has highly contagious COVID-19 strain, says doctor

US President Joe Biden tested positive for the virus on Thursday morning

US President Joe Biden tested positive for the virus on Thursday morning

President Joe Biden likely contracted a highly contagious strain of the coronavirus that is spreading rapidly throughout the United States, and now has body aches and a sore throat since testing positive, according to an update from his doctor on July 23, 2022.

The variant, known as BA.5, is an offshoot of the ommicron strain that emerged late last year, and is believed to be responsible for the vast majority of coronavirus cases in the country.

dr. Kevin O’Connor, the president’s physician, wrote in his latest update on Biden’s condition that Biden’s previous symptoms, including a runny nose and cough, have become “less bothersome.” In earlier notes by Dr. O’Connor, there was no mention of a sore throat or body aches.

Mr Biden’s vital signs, such as blood pressure and respiratory rate, “remain perfectly normal,” and his oxygen saturation levels are “excellent” with “no shortness of breath at all,” the doctor wrote.

dr. O’Connor said preliminary sequencing results indicated that the BA.5 variant does not affect Biden’s treatment plan in any way. Mr Biden tested positive for the virus on Thursday morning. He has been isolating in the White House residence ever since.

Administration officials have emphasized that his symptoms are mild because he received four doses of vaccine and he started taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid after becoming infected.

During a virtual meeting with economic advisers on Friday, Mr. Biden was hoarse but insisted, “I feel much better than I sound.” In his previous update on Mr. Biden’s health, O’Connor said the president had an elevated temperature of 99.4 F on Thursday night, but it returned to normal after taking Tylenol.

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