Unicode 3164 trick to get invisible ID name in Free Fire MAX (June 2022)

Free Fire MAX is currently at the top of the charts, gaining avid Battle Royale fans. The game has had a unique impact on the audience with its fascinating dynamics and elements.

Gamers can enjoy an intense survival royale experience under different maps while equipping weapons like assault rifles, shotguns and other utilities.

The title also allows for frequent changes to users’ in-game character names. It helps them to make their profile look cooler.

Players can do this using a renaming card. To make the profile look more important, they can also use the Unicode 3164 trick, which helps to get an invisible name in the game.

How to use Unicode 3164 trick in Free Fire MAX

The invisible nickname is one of the trendiest tricks in the game. Players use the trick to get a unique invisible name and apply it to the title. The name is not visible to teammates or opponents, which makes the gameplay even more fun.

Players must have basic knowledge of various in-game customizations and browsing websites to get an invisible nickname. Players must use unique characters such as Braille symbols and U+3164 (Hangul Filler).

Step by Step Guide to Get an Invisible Nickname in Free Fire MAX

1) Open your device and go to any browser.

2) Search the browser for a website that offers Unicode 3164 services.

3) Copy the desired codes and paste them into the Notes app on your device.

Use these braille patterns (Image via Sportskeeda)
Use these braille patterns (Image via Sportskeeda)

4) Now start adding the braille symbol below the Hangul Filler.

5) Copy the final result and paste it into the box that appears while changing the nickname.

Rename Guide

Garena added a great idea for players to change their nickname in the MAX title. It is one of the most loved features of the title as it allows the user to create and use stylish and cool nicknames for their profile.

Players can change their nicknames using a rename card that costs around 399 diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

1) Open the Free Fire MAX title on your device.

2) Look for a rename card in your inventory to change the in-game name.

3) If the rename card is not available, players can buy one from the shop section using diamonds.

4) If you bought a rename card, open it from inventory.

5) Clicking on the rename card will give players the dialog to write or paste their desired nickname for their character.

6) Players can copy and paste their favorite nickname into the box and click Confirm to change their IGN.

Players who create a new account will be given the option to add their nicknames for free at the start of the registration process. Developers are also releasing events where gamers are rewarded with free items, including card renaming, for completing some simple in-game tasks.

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