Upcoming PS5 Update to Remove Underused Social Feature

An upcoming update to Sony’s PlayStation 5 console will remove a social feature that is essentially not used by players. When the PS5 first launched in 2020, it included some new features not seen with the PS4. Some of these features were highly requested by fans, but others went largely unnoticed. Now Sony seems to have decided to remove one of these new aspects of the console that no one has shown interest in.

In a new post on the official PlayStation website, Sony has revealed that it will be discontinuing the “Accolades” feature on PS5 at some point later this year. For those who didn’t know, Accolades was a system on PS5 that allowed players to see how others behave in multiplayer or social games. Essentially, players can give each other accolades like “Helpful,” “Welcome,” or “Good Sport” to let others know what kind of person they are in online spaces. The purpose of this system was to “encourage our best members to recognize positive influences.” However, as Sony makes clear, no one seemed to use this system to justify its survival.

“In the fall of 2022, the Accolades feature on PlayStation 5 will no longer be supported. The feature has not seen the level of usage we expected, so we are refocusing our efforts,” Sony clearly stated in a new update. “We encourage the community to continue sending positive messages to each other.”

In a general sense, this isn’t a very shocking move to see coming from PlayStation. We’ve seen Sony cut ties to other system features of the PS3 and PS4 in the past that didn’t work as intended, so it’s not surprising that the same thing is happening with Accolades now. Given how little the feature was used, it makes sense that most people don’t even know it will be gone when it’s removed from PS5 consoles. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes the system, you should use it to your heart’s content in the last months of availability.

What do you think of Sony removing this Accolades feature from all PS5 consoles? Is this something you’ve ever used, or didn’t even know it existed? Let me know in the comments or save me on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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