Urawa Red 0-3 PSG in Friendly Match | 07/23/2022

7:51 AM42 minutes ago

93’|End of game

The match has ended in Japan. PSG defeated Urawa Red 3-0. The goals were scored by Sarabia, Mbappé and Kalimuendo.

7:49 AM44 minutes ago

90’|Three minutes extra time

We reached the 90th minute. The referee adds three minutes. We’re going to the 93rd minute

7:47 AMMan hours ago

87’|This is over

Three more minutes until the 90th minute and both sides had already called off the game. The goal of Kalimuendo was the winner of Urawa.

7:35 hours ago

76’|Goal of Kalimuendo

PSG scored again and again Kalimendo, who has a great pre-season. Galtier’s team finishes the game

7:32 AM hours ago

72’| Matsuzaki from a distance

The number 27 tried from a distance but the shot was very dangerous. Ultimately, it’s about Rico’s goal.

7:29 AMMan hours ago

69’|New Hydration Stop

The referee blows his whistle to stop play. Hydration break. Both teams stop to drink water

7:24 AM hours ago

65’|What a save from Rico

Scoreless save by the PSG goalkeeper. Mawatari received a death pass which he shot but Sergio Rico reacted wonderfully. PSG are saved

7:17 AM hours ago

60’|PSG Triple Substitution

Changes at PSG. Sergio Rico, Messi and Neymar come on and Mbappe, Icardi and Keylor leave the field.

7:12 AM hours ago

53’| What an opportunity for Linssen

Shot by the number 9 who saved Keylor Navas again. Good clearance, but the shot was not quite right. Still 0-2

7:05 AM hours ago

46’| Second half begins

The last 45 minutes are over. PSG now have a two-goal lead.

6:47 AM2 hours ago

45’|End of first half

Half time in Japan. PSG lead 2-0 against Urawa Red. The goals came from Sarabia and Mbappe. A good first half for the Galtier team

6:42 AM2 hours ago

41’| What reflexes

Good save from Keylor Navas. Koizumi deflected the ball, but the keeper reacted well and saved the ball.

6:40 AM2 hours ago

35’|Goal of Mbappé

Goal by Mbappe. The French striker increases the lead after a great action by Galtier’s team. Mbappe finished with a great dribble and good definition to score the second goal of the game.

6:28 AM2 hours ago

25’|Hydration break

We reached the 25th minute of the match and the hydration stop was made. Both teams return to the playing field

6:18 AM2 hours ago

16’|Sarabia’s goal

PSG goal. Sarabia’s goal. The Spanish player puts Galtier’s side ahead of the scoreboard. Urawa Red 0-1 PSG

6:07 AM2 hours ago

5’|Keylor fly

What a save from the PSG goalkeeper. An Urawa player fired from a distance and the ball went into the right corner of Keylor, who made a great save.

6:05 AM2 hours ago

3’|Good chance for Matsuo

The home side striker had a chance to get past his defender and dribble past Keylor. The PSG goalkeeper reacted well and was crucial in preventing Urawa from taking the lead.

6:02 AM3 hours ago

0’|Meeting starts

The match starts in Japan. Urawa Red is looking for the first close call of the match.

5:54 AM3 hours ago

Urawa Red Lineup

Ricardo Rodriguez, for his part, has chosen his eleven for this match. This will be the base: Nishikawa, Sakai, Iwanami, Chinen, Akimoto, Ito, Iwao, Sekine, Koizumi, Moberg and Matuso.

5:43 AM3 hours ago

PSG Lineup

Galtier has already selected his starting eleven. Keylor, Sarabia, Kehrer, Diallo, Emery, Bernat, Ebimbe, Pereira, Verratti, Mbappe and Icardi.

5:36 AM3 hours ago

We already have lineups

Less than thirty minutes until kick-off and both coaches have already chosen their starting positions. Let’s start with the PSG lineup

5:23 AM3 hours ago

Who will win?

Less than an hour to go until the Urawa Reds vs PSG match, who will win the Urawa Reds vs PSG match?

5:23 AM3 hours ago

Already in the stadium

Both teams have recently arrived at the stadium. Soon they will start with the warm-up exercises in preparation for the competition.

5:22 AM3 hours ago

We are here

Welcome back. We are back to report on the match between Urawa Reds vs PSG. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL.

23:0010 hours ago

Messi vs Kawasaki Frontal

10:55 PM 10 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Urawa Reds vs PSG.

22:50 10 hours ago

Possible PSG line-up

For his part, Galtier can line up with the next eleven to take on Urawa Reds. Donnarumma, Diallo, Marquinhos, Sergio Ramos, Bernat, Neymar, Wijnaldum, Gueye, Messi, Vitinha and Mbappe.

10:45 PM 10 hours ago

Urawa Red’s Possible Lineup

Ricardo Rodriguez can place the next eleven to take on PSG. Nishikawa, Akimoto, Scholz, Iwanami, Sakai, Iwao, Ito, Sekine, Koizumi, Moberg, and Matsuo.

22:35 10 hours ago

Where to watch

The match between Urawa Reds vs PSG can be seen on the PSG channel. In addition, if you want to watch it online, on VAVEL you can keep up to date with what’s happening in the match and the score.

22:3010 hours ago

History between them

These teams have never met each other. In this match, both teams will meet for the first time in Japan and will fight to win.

22:25 10 hours ago

PSG’s preseason

As for the visitors, this will be their third preseason game. On their debut, they defeated Quevilly-Rouen 2-0. In their Japanese tour, they defeated their first opponent, Kawasaki Frontale, 1-2. After this match they will continue their Japanese tour where they will face Gamba Osaka. Basically, this would be the French team’s pre-season to prepare for the French Super Cup against Nantes.

22:20 10 hours ago

How are Urawa Reds doing in the league?

The Japanese side is playing in their league with 12 rounds to go. Ricardo’s team is in eighth place with 29 points, eleven points behind the AFC Champions League spot. Urawa is the second team with the second lowest number of goals conceded (20 goals in 12 rounds) behind Avispa Fukuoka.

22:10 10 hours ago

Last game for Urawa Reds

The locals want a place to qualify for the AFC Champions League and the game against Shimizu S-Pulse, a team that is in the relegation spots. Urawa managed to win by the smallest margins, 1-2. The goal came only in the 42nd minute with a goal by Matsuo. The halftime score was 0-1. Shimizu tried to equalize, but Hara’s own goal put his side 0-2 behind. They eventually managed to close the gap with Reon’s goal, but it wasn’t enough for the equalizer.

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