US BO: Virata Parvam Fails, Vikram Holds Well

US BO: Virata Parvam fails, Vikram holds out

Last weekend, the collections for the Indian films at the American box office were on the low side. Despite a new release, the box office remained dull.

The much hyped serious drama “Virata Parvam” starring Sai Pallavi and Rana Daggubati failed to attract the Telugu audience in North America. In its first weekend, the film just took in $165,000.

Virata Parvam: Thurs: $56,694 Fri: $44,858 Sat: $39,390 Sun: $25k approx. Total Weekend: $165k

Interestingly, Nani’s “Ante Sundaraniki” amassed over 80k in its second weekend. It is now comfortably placed at over $1 million gross. Compared to the domestic market, it fared better in the US.

#AnteSundaraniki: 1st week: $995756 Fri: $29,122 Sat: $35,666 Sun: 20k Total: $1.07 million

On the other hand, Kamal Haasan’s “Vikram” holds up well. By the end of the third weekend, it has crossed $2.7 million.

Adivi Sesh’s “Major” couldn’t win anything after the initial hype. The film performed poorly after hitting the $1 million mark. It now stands with a cumulative gross of $1.13 million.

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