US military might shows arrogant China its place during Pelosi’s Taiwan visit | World News

The United States’ commitment to defend Taiwan and the Chinese leadership’s response to President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei have made Indo-Pacific the new arena with serious military implications for QUAD countries.

Just two months after US President Joseph Biden announced his commitment to militarily defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion, the Speaker of the House has gone a step further by pledging an “iron commitment” to Taiwan during her historic one-day visit to Taipei. The Chinese response was essentially information warfare as conceptualized by the PLA, bombarding the adversary with half-truths and deterred by the Chinese Communist Party’s grossed-out military prowess through dedicated propaganda media and Twitter profiles.

The Chinese promise of retaliation and exaggerated threats against the US to proceed with the Pelosi visit has benefits. It will make other democratic countries think 100 times before having a diplomatic exchange with Taiwan, as only the US has the military prowess to call the Communist Party of China bluff. Europe simply does not have the ability or the will to take on China, because for them, trade with Beijing is a priority. The other positive for the Xi Jinping regime is that it will reduce ASEAN to a non-aligned status, as neither of these countries wants to be pulverized in the battle between two mammoths, other than being historical members of the chopsticks club. It is not for any other reason that the Forbidden Kingdom opened its doors to heavy metals for the visit of the Indonesian president on July 26.

Another plus was Russia’s payback on China for Ukraine’s war support by criticizing the US for escalating tensions by sending Pelosi. Client states such as Pakistan also raised their hands to support Beijing by repeating the “One China” policy of including Taiwan as part of the Middle Kingdom.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the arrogant Chinese response also has a downside for the Xi Jinping regime, also because it suddenly raises the risk profile of the communist regime and will make American, European and Japanese multinationals think twice before taking more into account. China investing. Capital flight is expected to ensue from mainland China as military friction between Beijing and Washington, which now has bipartisan support for this crucial issue, will grow day by day.

While all the news of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to mainland China has been all but obscured, subsequent public knowledge of the events that took place this week will have the Chinese public quietly questioning the gap between the PLA threat ahead of Pelosi’s visit. and delivery to the ground. The way President Xi Jinping handled the entire visit to Pelosi will also raise questions about his ability to handle the complex relationship with the US in the future in the context of Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific. That Chinese war dance chairman Pelosi did not deter will make Communist Party pragmatists think twice about the need to confront the US militarily over Taipei. This does not bode well for President Xi Jinping, as the eternal leader is seeking his third term in office later this year.

With the US naval armada, including Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group and the amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli in the Philippine Sea, the PLA will not aggravate tensions around Taiwan apart from conducting live military exercises and fighter jets penetrating the democratic island country to to appease the domestic public. Given the military pace built up by the wolf warriors, the PLA can vent its aggression in a different theater. And for that, India and Japan must be alert.

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