Velodyne Lidar wins GeoBuiz Summit Award for innovation in Mapping Technology

Velodyne’s intelligent infrastructure solution creates 3D maps of roads and intersections to improve safety in communities worldwide

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced that its Intelligent Infrastructure Solution has won the GeoBuiz Summit Award. Velodyne’s smart city solution was recognized for excellence in innovation in the Mapping Technology category.

Intelligent Infrastructure Solution, a combination of Velodyne’s award-winning lidar sensors and Bluecity’s AI software, creates a real-time 3D map of roads and intersections. It provides accurate traffic monitoring and analytics that are not possible with other types of sensors such as cameras, radar or inductive loops.

The full-stack solution is deployed on three continents, including systems rolled out in Texas, Florida, Nevada, California, New Jersey, Missouri and Canada.

Intelligent Infrastructure Solution enables cities and states to take a proactive approach to safety by providing real-time multimodal analytics of not only vehicles, but also vulnerable road users. It helps communities understand the root causes of near misses, red lights and different types of road user behaviour.

By improving traffic flow and reducing congestion, Intelligent Infrastructure Solution can improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for a more sustainable future. Earlier this year, the solution won the 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards from the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals.

“Velodyne’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solution was the standout system in our Mapping Technology category,” said Anusuya Datta, Editor – Americas, Geospatial World. “The solution is to transform infrastructure, enabling governments to build a data-driven plan to create a safer, more sustainable traffic network.”

“Our solution supports cities around the world in implementing street improvements, policy changes and educational efforts that protect vulnerable road users,” said Sally Frykman, Chief Marketing Officer, Velodyne Lidar. “Intelligent Infrastructure Solution advances Velodyne’s mission to create smart technologies for a world on the move and their vision of science at the service of security.”

GeoBuiz Summit is a unique conference for geospatial business leaders hosted by Geospatial World, a premier media outlet promoting geospatial knowledge in the global economy and society. Geospatial World recently presented Velodyne Lidar CEO Dr. Ted Tewksbury in an article on how Velodyne’s lidar sensors and software play an important role in applications including in geospatial and mapping, as well as last mile delivery, industrial and robotics, manufacturing and infrastructure.

SOURCE: Velodyne Lidar

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