Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday forced to abandon Liger promotions as female fans faint and cry | Hindi Movie News

A few weeks ago, Vijay Deverakonda caught the tsunami of female looks on the internet when he was featured in a bare-bones poster for his upcoming movie Liger. Looks like the frenzy hasn’t died down yet. Vijay and Ananya Panday were in a shopping center in Navi Mumbai today and attended a packed house. They would participate in a special activity where the fans in attendance would all get excited about their movie Liger.

But neither star could finish their special task. The reason? The moment Vijay Deverakonda appeared on the podium in the middle of the mall, the audience went into a daze. A mall source spoke to ETimes and revealed: “The moment Vijay took the stage, there were sounds of fainting everywhere. The organizers and volunteers were shocked to see some female fans pass out and some other girls started screaming. many fans had posters and sketches of Vijay and then the chants of ‘Vijay we love you’ started.”

So far so good, but the frenzy quickly escalated into a full-blown stampede-like situation as fan leagues pushed the barricades to get closer to the center stage where Vijay and Ananya stood. Security feared that the situation could get worse, so Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday had to leave halfway through for the safety of everyone present.

The Liger promotional activity was left unfinished as the crowd went crazy.

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