Warning! These malicious Google Play Store apps can steal you blind; check list of apps with Trojan virus

Several malicious apps in the Google Play Store have been found to contain viruses that can steal your data. Here’s everything you need to know.

Here’s a warning to hundreds of millions of Android phone users! Android users are warned about a list of apps in the Google Play Store that contain viruses. According to a report by Dr. Web titled “Doctor Web’s June 2022 Review of Virus Activity on Mobile Devices,” malicious apps continued to be one of the most common Android threats. According to the information, malware analysts have discovered dozens of malicious apps in the Google Play Store. Among them were adware trojans, fake apps used by scammers, info stealers targeting confidential data, and others.

“In June, the activity of the Android.Spy.4498 trojan, which steals information from other apps’ notifications, continued to decline; it was detected 20.56% less often on Android devices than in May. The Android’s activity .HiddenAds adware trojans also dropped, but less significantly, by 8%, making these malicious apps one of the most common Android threats.During the month, Doctor Web malware analysts discovered dozens of malicious apps on Google Play Among them were adware trojans, fake apps used by scammers, info-stealers targeting confidential data, and others,” the report said.

Shockingly, more than 98,90,000 downloads of nearly 30 adware trojans from the Android.hiddenAds family have been reported, according to the report. The list of applications includes image editing software, virtual keyboards, system tools and utilities, calling apps, wallpaper collection apps, and others.

In order to show ads, some apps ask permission to show windows about other apps, while the rest ask users to add them to the exclusion list of the battery saver feature. Furthermore, making it more difficult for you to detect the malicious apps, the Trojans hide their icons from the list of installed apps in the Start screen menu or replace the icons with less noticeable ones, the report says.

The list of apps containing trojans includes: Photo Editor: Beauty Filter; Photo editor: retouch and cut out; Photo Editor: Art Filters; Photo Editor – Design Maker; Photo editor and background eraser; Photo & Exif Editor; Photo Editor – Filter Effects; Photo filters and effects; Photo Editor: Blur Image; Photo editor: cut, paste; Emoji keyboard: stickers and GIF; Neon theme keyboard; cashe cleaner; FastCleaner: Cashe Cleaner; Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen; Notes – reminders and lists; among other things.

In addition, the specialists at Dr. Web yet other trojans from the Android.Joker family that are capable of downloading and executing arbitrary code and subscribing victims to paid mobile services without their knowledge. “One of them was hidden in the third-party “Poco Launcher” launcher, while another was in the “4K Pro Camera” app. A third was in the sticker collection app with “Heart Emoji Stickers,” it said. report.

It further informed that at launch they asked the user to log into their accounts and then loaded a real Facebook authorization page. They then hijacked the authentication credentials and sent them to malicious actors.

Android users who have any of the above apps installed on their phones are advised to uninstall them as early as possible to stay protected. Also, change your social media account passwords after uninstalling the app.

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