Warzone’s New Fortune’s Keep Map Gives Players Unlimited Loot With Secret Easter Egg

With the launch of Warzone Season 4 came a brand new map, Fortune’s Keep, and it took players a matter of hours to discover that there was a pretty cool Easter Egg on the new revival map.

Fortune’s Keep briefly replaced everyone’s favorite Rebirth Island, but the two will be in daily rotation with each other starting July 21. The new revival map is slightly bigger than Rebirth and even includes some unique features such as the new black market stock and money extraction events for mercenaries.

Keeping with the Season 4 theme, Fortune’s Keep has a very special Easter egg that allows players to get legendary loot…for a fee.


Warzone players discover Easter Egg on New Fortune’s Keep map

As discovered by Twitter user and YouTuber, Mr Fishy McFishFortune’s Keep features a unique Easter Egg that allows players to drop money into a fountain to get free loot. The more money the player drops into the fountain, the better the loot they will receive.

If you want to see this Easter Egg for yourself, you need to go to the ‘Winery’ landmark, which is located on the east side of Fortune’s Keep. As seen in the short clip below, just walk up to the fountain, drop your money and wait for the magic fountain to shoot out some free loot.

These aren’t the only Easter Egg players found on the new Warzone map, either. If you go to the graveyard landmark and light the three candles around that location, a zombie will spawn, players can then kill the zombie to receive some loot.

There’s also a shovel that can be collected in the graveyard, which can then be used on the beach on the other side of the map to receive even more loot.

So, it’s safe to say Fortune’s Keep is full of new Easter eggs!

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