Watch: Ishan makes unexpected request to Suryakumar’s wife; ‘Bhabhi, please…’ | Cricket

Indian batter Ishan Kishan had a rather strange and unexpected message for Suryakumar Yadav’s wife after the batter scored a whirlwind to lead his team home against the West Indies in the third T20I. Suryakumar, opening the innings, registered a fine half-century, scoring 77 from 44 balls to boost India’s pursuit of 165. After India won the match by seven wickets to take a 2-1 lead with a few games to go, Ishan conducted an interview with Suryakumar in which he made his plea.

Apparently, on two occasions, Suryakumar’s wife Devisha did not come down to see her husband beat. And it turned out that Suryakumar played well on both occasions. Devisha was absent from the third T20I between India and England at Trend Bridge last month, where Surya scored a fantastic century – his first for India. And yesterday, when Suryakumar scored fifty, guess who was missing from the stands: Devisha.

Ishan, during the interview asked Suryakumar about the same, to which the Indian batter replied, “Look, when a man lies, he stammers. I’m not lying. I’d say what I said in the dugout, that’s it’s not important for a partner to be on the ground what matters is that they are with you she is in this country and i also have a tattoo of her name so she is close to my heart and being ground or not does Doesn’t matter. Eventually she’s here and that power can go into the ground.”

As he concluded the interview, Ishan looked at the camera and said, “Devisha Bhabhi, please keep paying our room bills and make sure you are late for the upcoming matches.”

Suryakumar and Devisha met in college in the year 2012 and got married in May 2016.

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