We’re answering your questions about the Xiaomi 12S Ultra in a live streamed Q&A session

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra is undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphones of the year, despite its limited range as yet. And most of its popularity comes from the Leica camera system, which has the largest sensor ever placed in a phone.

We’ve already tested the 12S Ultra and now we’re going to do something unprecedented (for us at least) – a Q&A session over the phone, streamed live on YouTube. It will take place tomorrow, July 29, at 12:15 PM UTC – that’s 1:15 PM UK time and 2:15 PM CEST respectively. During the stream, Will will answer your questions about Xiaomi’s latest and greatest.

The placeholder for the stream is already on YouTube and embedded above. If you want the best chance of getting an answer, you can post your question in the video comment section before the live stream even starts – comments are already open! Just touch the Watch on YouTube button in the bottom left corner of the embed and once you jump over it you will see the comments section below the video. We can’t wait to hear from you and are very curious about your questions.

We’re also looking forward to seeing you in the stream’s comments tomorrow, and if this historic first-of-its-kind live Q&A is successful, maybe we’ll do it again someday.

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