What is Pica Disorder? All You Need to Know

Despite being a rather strange disease, pica is usually seen in a large number of people. Pica disorder usually occurs in pregnant women and young children, according to research published in Psychiatry.org.

Most young children and mothers-to-be start consuming dirt and other things. Our diet is linked to pica disease. People who have pica constantly crave non-food objects, including dried paint chips, ice cubes, soap, buttons, clay, sand, cigarette ash, paint, chalk, and more.

Pica disorder is a psychosis combined with physical weakness where the patient can also consume excess food which can lead to the development of numerous diseases and toxins in the body. Eating such things can also lead to serious illnesses such as intestinal infections, bacterial viruses and poisoning.

The pica disorder in a person can result from a lack of iron, zinc or other nutrients. Mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) can also lead to the disorder.

The patient develops a craving for non-food items and a habit of consuming them. Experts believe that malnutrition and diets may also play a role in the development of pica in some individuals. The patients experience satiety as a result.

See a doctor immediately if you notice any pica symptoms. In the beginning pica can be treated well. You need to have a blood test so that the body’s deficiencies can be identified. You should include all the necessary nutrients in your diet, such as proteins and vitamins.

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