What is the new gimmick in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

A rather revealing Pokemon Presents video, released on August 3, details the latest gimmick to come out featuring Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Many Pokemon games and their regions come with specialties or gimmicks. The Kalos region has Mega Evolution, the Alola region has Z-Moves, and the Galar region has Dynamax.

Trainers can now prepare for the Terastal gimmick in the Paldea region, which will terastallize Pokemon. When a creature Terastallizes, a jewel appears over its head, and it receives various improvements in battle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a gimmick that allows Pokemon to take on new traits through Terastallization

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take trainers to the brand new Paldea region. In addition to the new Pokemon and regional variants in the region comes the Terastal form.

Not many details have been revealed about the Terastal form so far, but the Pokemon Presents video showed enough to get fans of the franchise excited.

Pokemon that will transform Terastallize into their Tera type or Terastal form. This will make them sparkle and crystallize, with a special ornament corresponding to their character appearing above their heads.

Welcome to the Paldea region, Trainers! 🤩A vast land of vast open spaces – dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands and dangerous mountain ranges. Bye! ️💜 #PokemonScarletViolet https://t.co/X9UCvTZVNm

The Terastal form is simply when a Pokemon enters a Terastallized state in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. When a creature becomes its Tera type, it means that its Terastal form is a different type than usual.

An example shown in the Pokemon Presents video is that of Pikachu. Pikachu is normally an Electric type Pokemon. However, when it terastallized, it became a Flying type with a set of crystallized balloons over its head.

Game Freak has noted that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have “countless combinations of Pokemon and Tera Types”. Trainers are sure to discover some powerful versions of these combos.

Which Pokemon can Terastallize?

Not much is known about the Paldea region and the Terastal phenomenon. However, it has been confirmed that any Pokemon found in the region can Terastallize.

There’s no word on whether each Pokemon will have a special Tera type that they can become or if only select creatures can change their type in addition to the new gimmick feature.

The Terastral phenomenon only occurs in the Paldea region. Terastallization allows Pokémon to change into their Tera type and will sparkle and sparkle like gems. 💎 Think about the Tera Orb: pkmn.news/3cRFwsi https://t.co/yetQPBuf03

Trainers can expect a heavy focus on Terastallized Pokemon as the Pokemon Presents video took a close look at Tera Raids. These work just like Dynamax Raids from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

A group of players must face off against a powerful Terastal Form Pokemon in hopes of defeating it and adding it to their team. This will more than likely come with a few surprises. Up to four trainers can team up via general online connectivity or using a link code.

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