What to know about the merger

As some of the best tech companies evolve, the features they provide through products and services tend to overlap. Google knows this and the necessary countermeasures all too well. After developing the consumer and business products as separate projects, some duplication was inevitable. But the company is turning back on this big gap. In a much-anticipated change, Google Duo is on its way to becoming Google Meet, merging all the useful features of both platforms into one. Here’s what you need to know and what timeline to expect.


The tech titan announced the Duo-Meet merger in June. In July, the signs of the imminent change in Duo began to appear. Then things started moving fast, with every user now seeing indications in the form of a banner in Duo. In response to this banner, Google has confirmed that starting August 3, an app update for Duo users on Android and iOS will change the app’s icon and label to Meet.

Google’s support documentation for the transition is already available as there is a need for help and clarification during this change.

Duo on Android and iOS will show you a banner on the home screen explaining the changes, so you don’t have to hunt for Duo in your app drawer. To further reduce the confusion, Google has prepared distinctive app icons that can be seen below – if you see the old blue one for Duo, the merger didn’t update your app. If so, you’ll see the multicolored Meet logo instead. In the rare event that you’re a Duo user who also has the original Meet app installed, Google says the next update will give the latter a green icon.

If you still see the Duo icon, but the app has all the features of Meet, all you need to do is go to the prompt on the home screen and accept the changes. If you don’t see the Meet features, but you’re sure you’ve updated the app, you may need to sign in with a different Google account. People who set up Duo with just a phone number can’t access Meet features. In the meantime, if you’ve used the original Meet app for online interactions, you won’t get Duo’s calling features right away, but Google says they’ll get there eventually and you can use the app normally until then.

For web users, Duo will be upgraded to Meet, but will retain its current capabilities. In the coming months, the company says the Duo website will redirect users to the one for Meet.

The rollout is phased, so the new app icon and rebranding may not be visible to everyone right away. The transition should be complete by September, so anyone searching for Google Meet in the Play Store and Apple App Store will be redirected to the updated Meet app instead.

In an effort to make Google Workspace apps and those for individual users less separate, Google also recently discontinued Hangouts and integrated Google Chat with Gmail. It is clear that the company wants to move towards a more unified look and feel for its various services.

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