“What you’ve seen is only a very small part of that battle,” Naoki Yoshida discusses Eikon battles in Final Fantasy XVI

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Naoki Yoshida talked about Final Fantasy XVI, and much of the discussion was about combat. The Eikon battles in Final Fantasy XVI promise to be pretty exciting, and the producer discussed what fans can expect:

“But again, what you saw there is only a very, very small part of that battle. So the battles with Titan for example, it might only be about a 20th of what you actually get to see.”

Naoki Yoshida Discusses the Eikon Battles in Final Fantasy XVI

When asked about the Titan fight, Naoki Yoshida said fans only saw a fraction of what that fight would look like. Part of the trailer showed Shiva fighting Titan, but the first part of it was just a cutscene. While that cutscene is in progress, Clive, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI, will be in the area and experience the battle from a completely different perspective.

The Eikon battles will go through different phases and these phases of the battle will change in real time. This allows players to experience large-scale, action-packed combat in a way they’ve never seen before. However, the interesting thing is that the Eikon battles will all be different experiences.

“For example, while one of these fights is reminiscent of a 3D shooter, another feels like a professional wrestling match, while another, like the one with Titan, involves an entire area as a battlefield.”

An interesting aspect of the conversation was the revelation that some UI elements had been removed from the trailer. This is to avoid certain spoilers for the game. The developers want fans to see the fights and know they exist, along with the fact that in some fights Clive can command a summon without ruining certain things.

This huge Eikon vs. Eikon battles aren’t the only battles either. There will also be smaller battles for Clive to participate in as he explores the world. Be it waves of enemies or single battles, he will take part in battles without the Eikons.

Elite enemies will also be present, similar to what might be called a mini boss in other games. While there are incredible Eikon fights, Yoshida also said that Clive would occasionally encounter full-sized Eikons while just being human.

A colossal showdown from the latest Final Fantasy XVI trailer. #FF16 https://t.co/EqeqJHWef3

Yoshida wanted to showcase these massive battles to fans and make it clear that players would tackle them in real time. No matter which Eikon battle Final Fantasy XVI fans face, each battle will be a different, unique challenge. Fans will have to wait until the summer of 2023 to experience these battles for themselves.

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