whatapp: WhatsApp may bring double verification for more security

WhatsApp remains a relatively secure messaging platform. Despite security measures in place, scams continue to run rampant on Meta property messaging app† Some are due to the naivety of users and to curb this, WhatsApp is expected to increase its security by adding a new layer of verification
According to a report by WABetainfo, WhatsApp is testing a two-factor authentication system. “Every successful attempt to log into our WhatsApp account from another device requires an additional verification code confirm,” the report said.
How is the double verification code expected to work?
When a WhatsApp user is currently trying to login to the platform, he/she must enter a 6 digit verification code. WABetainfo’s report shows that when the first code is successfully entered, another 6-digit code must be entered to log in to WhatsApp. Users get another message notifying them of a login attempt. In the event that someone tries to log into a user’s account, they will immediately know and no one will gain access unless they know the second verification code. The feature comes in handy for those who fall prey to certain scams, which take over users’ WhatsApp accounts.
When is the feature expected to roll out?
As of now, the feature is still in development and there is no expected timeline for its availability. However, when the feature is rolled out, it is expected to be available on both iOS and android† The feature will reach beta users, but as of now, there’s no word on that either. Keep in mind that there are certain features that don’t make it past the development stage. However, this is a feature that we expect to be rolled out to users and will definitely improve the security of WhatsApp users.


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