What’s new in August 2022 for PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus Essential members will still get their free games every month in the revamped version of the subscription service. While July wasn’t anything to write home about, August definitely makes up for it. You should probably clear your calendars now.

Here are your free games for August:

  • Yakuza: like a dragon
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2
  • Little nightmares

The benefits of August of PlayStation Plus at a glance

The Yakuza series is incredibly popular, so it’s no surprise that Yakuza: like a dragon finally honors the PS Plus membership. Released in 2020, you play as Ichiban Kasuga and try to climb through your crime syndicate to reach the top after serving an 18-year sentence for a crime you didn’t commit. This episode introduced turn-based combat to the series (and it’s something we’ll see in the upcoming sequel as well). It’s an unhinged RPG that will leave you guessing as you play with some of its antics.

What got most people excited this month is: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skaters 1 & 2. This is the remastered version of the originals that graced our original PlayStations in 1999 and 2000. It has been lovingly crafted with a fantastic soundtrack to back it up.

If you’ve never played the original versions, take a moment to add it to your library; they are two of the most iconic skateboard video games ever made. There are of course some updates as you can play as one of the iconic skateboarders or play as new Olympic skaters.

Last is little nightmares, your terrifying third-person adventure game this month. This isn’t a very long game, but if you’re up for a little spookiness to get you ready for Halloween, this is your game. You play as Six and try to escape the Maw, the prison ship you are trapped on. The creatures you encounter and try to sneak around are sometimes just… horrid.

It has the perfect creepy atmosphere and a beautifully creepy soundtrack, and there are times when the game is almost over at creepy and grotesque. You may find yourself turning on a light while you play.

The August games will be available to download from Tuesday, August 2.

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