WhatsApp now more useful for women! Periods-tracker chatbot is here: Know how to use it

WhatsApp has launched a chatbot to help women track their periods, ovulation period and much more. Know how to access it.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, seems to offer almost all the features that will meet most of our day-to-day needs. The app already has a number of chatbots for easy access to a variety of information, from COVID-19 information to health information such as the ‘Ask Raksha’. And now the app has introduced a new menstrual tracking chatbot in collaboration with Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd, an Indian brand that makes feminine hygiene products. With this new chatbot, women can track their period via WhatsApp. Here’s how to access this chatbot for period tracking.

Know how to track period via WhatsApp chatbot

The users just need to send ‘Hi’ to the number +919718866644 to activate the tracker.

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The chatbot offers three options: track menstruation, get pregnant and prevent pregnancy. Users need to enter their basic details about their last menstrual cycle, duration of their cycle, regularity, etc. so that the chatbot can keep a record and predict the correct menstrual dates.

Once activated, the chatbot will start providing reminders about upcoming cycle dates. The app also gives users an update on their ovulation cycle to help them conceive a pregnancy.

It also has an option for those who want to avoid pregnancy by stressing their ovulation period. However, all of this information depends on the accuracy of the information shared by users. Any change in your menstrual cycle can result in the chatbot’s prediction wrong. In addition, users can also edit their details. The chatbot also lets users view their next three menstrual cycles.

Speaking of the same, Sirona says that the chatbot is built on the WhatsApp Business Platform. Meanwhile, Sirona also has its own app dedicated to a complete ecosystem around menstrual health and hygiene. The app/website offers e-commerce, educational content, community engagement and a built-in period tracker.

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