WhatsApp will now let you message, mute individual users in a group call

WhatsApp has rolled out some new features on its platform. These new features make group conversations a little easier and faster. WhatsApp head, Will Cathcart, announced in a post on Twitter that the messaging and calling app now has the ability to mute and message individual users when a group conversation is in progress. Also Read – WhatsApp: Hide Profile Picture Last Seen By Specific People

These features are especially useful for muting people in a group who forget themselves, which in turn would let everyone else know what’s going on in the background of their home or office. It would also be useful in cases where some users in a group conversation are in the same room and forgot to mute themselves, which in turn causes an echo during a group conversation. In addition to helping users in a group conversation, these new features bring WhatsApp calls closer to conferencing apps that give users more dynamic control over their calls. Also Read – Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces Designer Clothing Store for Avatars

Using this feature is quite simple. All you have to do is long-press the tile of the person you want to message or mute in a group conversation and tap one of the two options — Message [name of the user] or Mute [name of the user]† Also read – WhatsApp may soon allow admins to restrict who participates in the group chats: Report

“Some new features for group conversations on @WhatsApp: You can now mute or message specific people in a conversation (great if someone forgets to mute themselves!), and we’ve added a handy indicator to make it easier to see when more people close join big conversations,” the WhatsApp boss wrote in the post.

In addition, WhatsApp also makes it easier for people in a group conversation to see when a new user joins a group conversation. In a separate message, WhatsApp said it will now show a banner when someone new joins a group chat.

In particular, these features are a few days after WhatsApp rolled out the ability to select who from users’ contact lists can see their profile photos, information about and last seen.

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