When will Free Fire MAX next Advance Server be released? (June 2022)

Garena’s streamlined updates to Free Fire MAX and the original title play a vital role in keeping players engaged. You can see many new features and customizations in the Battle Royale title with each major update.

Open Beta (OB) updates are considered a major change to the game and generally developers introduce such updates every two months. The developers published the OB34 update in May 2022. Now the speculations about the next i.e. the OB35 update are starting to spread in the community.

As always, before the official release of the new iteration, players are eagerly awaiting the release of the Advance Server. The Advance Server is a temporary server maintained by the developers for testing purposes.

All Free Fire MAX gamers have the freedom to request the server. Selected players can enjoy several new elements in advance while getting many benefits.

Free Fire MAX: The most likely release date for the Advance server of the OB35 update

One can understand the pattern for the releases of OB updates and associated Advance servers by looking at the past trends that are followed.

As mentioned before, Garena releases major updates every two months. To be more accurate, they can look at the ending date of Clash Squad’s current ranked season. In general, the game’s updated client app will be released a day before the end of the current season of Clash Squad.

Advance servers usually appear live for two to three weeks before developers release the formally updated version.

CS Rank season 13 ends July 21, 2022 (Image via Garena)
CS Rank season 13 ends July 21, 2022 (Image via Garena)

Currently, CS ranked season 13 is live, which ends on July 21, and therefore the most tentative date for the release of the OB35 update is July 20, one day before the last day of the CS live season.

So the Free Fire MAX OB35 Advance server is likely to be rolled out on any date between the end of July and the first week of Junethat is two to three weeks before the OB35 patch. Interested users should be ready for registration.

Steps to sign up for the Free Fire MAX Advance server

Below are the simple steps they can follow to register for the FF MAX OB35 Advance server:

Step 1: Applicants should reach the web URL “https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/” through their preferred browser or they can also use this link to go there directly.

Step 2: They will land on the official Advance server registration webpage. They must log into the platform through Google or a Facebook account.

Note: Accounts associated with users’ FF IDs are recommended to be used for login purposes.

Step 3: A form will be provided to applicants with their name, active email address and phone number.

Registration process is a must to access the Advance server (Image via Garena)
Registration process is a must to access the Advance server (Image via Garena)

Step 4: Finally, they can click the ‘Join Now’ button to complete the procedure. They can now download the Advance server APK file and then install it on their devices.

However, to access the Advance server, one must have a valid activation code. Without this code/key they will not be able to use the installed Advance server app. Candidates should also note that the distribution of activation keys is handled solely by officials.

So they will have to wait patiently for a response. Once selected, they will receive the activation code, allowing them to join the Advance server effortlessly.

Disclaimer: The above data is fully forecast based on past trends. Officials have yet to reveal details about the Free Fire MAX OB35 update and the test server.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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